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  • Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo. The wildest dino zoo park of all time

    A sensational find is rocking the scientific community: An Antarctic expedition has found dinosaurs in frozen in the ice! Crazier still, the thawed out prehistoric monsters are still alive! This calls for a dino park with suitable enclosures! Researcher Dr. Walter Ryan is here to help – he had always suspected that frozen dinosaurs could be reawakened to life. But will he find out what happened to his missing wife too? Launch into a wild prehistoric adventure with Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo!
  • Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo. A dream come true

    Living dinosaurs in a zoo? Every dinosaur fan’s biggest dream has come true! Play Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo and create your own prehistoric park, complete with T-Rex, Brontosaurus, & Co.! Your mission: To keep the dinosaurs well supplied with food and play equipment, all while making sure enclosures stay clean. If you manage to breed your dinosaurs, you can attract even more visitors with cute baby dinosaurs, making your dinosaur park the ultimate sensation. You can use the profits to invest in new dinosaurs. Your very own dino park is waiting for you!
  • Dinosaur Park - Primeval Zoo

    What’s that hatching out of that egg? A real dinosaur! Quick, build a suitable enclosure and raise adorable dinos. Visitors will flock to your dinosaur park in droves! Experience all this and more in Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo! With each new level, you’ll be able to acquire more prehistoric animals for your zoo. Create desert, forest, and tropical landscapes for your dinosaurs and equip enclosures with a variety of decorations, troughs, and toys. You’ll be amazed how colorful and vibrant your own dino world can be! What are you waiting for? Play now!

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